Missouri Society for Respiratory Care




What is the MSRC?
The MSRC is a Chartered Affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care. For information on the AARC and membership, visit their web site at Missouri members of the AARC are automatically members of the MSRC also. The MSRC is your organization, made up of respiratory therapists just like you, across the state. The MSRC works for the needs and interests of RCPs throughout Missouri.
What is the mission of the MSRC?
The MSRC is formed to:
  • Advance the science, technology, ethics, and art of Respiratory Care.
  • Encourage, develop, and provide, on a regional basis, educational programs for those persons interested in Respiratory Care.
  • Facilitate cooperation and understanding among Respiratory Care personnel and the medical profession, allied health professionals, hospitals, service compaines, industry, government organizations, and other agencies interested in Respiratory Care.
  • Provide education of the general public in pulmonary health promotion and disease prevention.


How can I tell which District I belong to?
The MSRC is divided into 5 Districts, based geographically on county lines. To see a map showing the District divisions and list of counties comprising each District, click here.
What programs does the MSRC provide?
The MSRC sponsors numerous educational programs throughout the year. The statewide meeting is held each May, and each District has its own educational programs as well. All educational programs provide the opportunity for the RCP to earn Continuing Respiratory Care Edication (CRCE) credits. The MSRC also provides an annual Student Scholarship, awarded each year at the State Meeting.
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Where are my CEUs for an MSRC Confrence I attended?
The CRCE Transcript for all AARC members is available on the AARC web site on the CRCE Lookup page. Click here to access the CRCE Lookup page directly. If you need a hard copy certificate, you must inform the registration desk of your request at the time of the conference.
What about licensure - does the MSRC issue licenses for Respiratory Care Practitioners?
No. State Licences are handled by the Missouri Board for Respiratory Care. Please visit their website at for information about becoming a licensed RCP in the state of Missouri. The MSRC does, however, maintain communications with the MBRC and is there to voice concerns that individual therapists may have regarding the Board and licensure applications.
How do I get courses I've attended or seminars I'm planning approved for CEUs in Missouri?
Again, this is a function of the Missouri Board for Respiratory Care. (See contact information above). Also note, any CEUs which are already approved by the AARC (or any of its affiliates) are automatically accepted by the MBRC -- so if you are planning a conference, it may be easier to simply apply apply directly to the AARC for your CRCE approval.
Does the MSRC provide online CEU courses?
Not directly, but our links pages provide access to several sources for online CEUs, including the AARC Online CRCE page. For links to more options for your CEU courses, go to the meetings page.
What does the MSRC do to protect the interests of respiratory therapists in the state of Missouri?
The MSRC utilizes the services of an excellent lobbying firm, Gamble & Schlemeier, to maintain contact with legislators and to watch the legislative process for any bills at the national, state, or local level which may affect RCPs, either positively or adversely. G & S maintains frequent contact with the MSRC Board of Directors to alert us of any bills or upcoming votes which may be of concern, and the MSRC is then able to alert its members and encourage individual RCPs to phone or write their representatives and speak out for the concerns of respiratory therapists and the patients we care for. The MSRC also participates in the "PACT" (Political Action Contact Team) effort sponsored by the AARC, which recruits ordinarly RCPs like you to be a "contact person" for your profession, and make a special effort to make sure our lawmakers are attuned to our issues. Together we CAN do more!
What are some of the MSRC's activities to promote the respiratory care profession to the public?
The MSRC and the various districts offer several activities each year that benefit and inform the public about pulmonary health and disease promotion. District I sponsors Respiratory Care public information booth at the St. Louis Science Center each fall. District V hosts a Family Asthma Fair each spring. The MSRC provides funds for campers to attend the American Lung Association for Eastern Missouri Asthma Camp each summer.
How can I become a member of the MSRC?
To be a member of the MSRC, you must first join the AARC. Click here to apply online, or contact the AARC at (972) 243-2272 to request an application. For additional information, please contact the MSRC Membership Committee chair, Lisa Newcomer, by e-mail at
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Remeber, the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care is YOUR society -- with everyone's participation, we can be an advocate both for our profession and our patients!